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Marcel's Dreams cover art

Marcel's Dreams

The genesis of this album is a sound experiment and paradox.
I wanted to make music but not use any "real instrument".
I wanted to achieve an analog sound, but only used digital tools.
I just wanted the experiment to create an abstract sonic texture,
but the end result was two pieces that tell a story.

Marcel Told Me Everything
A Cup Of Peanut Butter That Becomes A Lightbulb
Michał Milczarek

Marcin Cichy


©℗ Healing Sound Propagandist 

It is very rare for me to create music or artwork that clearly fits into a particular style or aesthetic.
And yet in the case of Marcel's Dreams, I did exactly that. I made the most ambient album I've ever recorded. And to this day, I feel amazingly good about it.

Only 2 tracks, but each of them is approx. 20 minutes long. The music in both tracks is very meditative.

The stories told in these songs develop very slowly and rely more on sonic textures than on melodies or song structures. Marcel's Dreams meets all the requirements to be included in the AMBIENT music category.

The genesis of this album was an experiment that

I decided to make in my home studio. While working on my skills in creating electronic music, I wanted to create music without using real instruments. Moreover, I did not want to use virtual instruments either. The idea was that I wanted to generate sound in a way other than using an instrument, and then explore what I could do with it using the possibilities offered by Ableton.

The source of the sound turned out to be the noise that generates the Echo effect in Ableton Live.

Quite an unpleasant artifact. However, after getting it, I ran it through a lot of effects. The most important of them are: Convolution Reverb, Compressor and Resonators. The reverb made the whole track take on cosmic space and depth. And the resonators brought harmony to the hum and made everything sound like... music. :) I put LFOs working in random mode on both Echo and reverbs. I controlled the resonators myself. I was opening and closing different frequencies and harmonics alternately.

Michał Milczarek in Warsaw

The experiment first resulted in the song

"A Cup Of Peanut Butter That Becomes A Lightbulb". A few months later, I recorded "Marcel Told Me Everything". Both songs have a similar origin and artistic assumption, but in my opinion there is a big difference between them. Marcel is a different approach and a different sensitivity. Both tracks are of course recorded in one improvised take.


The beautiful culmination of this story is that zake (the head of PITP label) took an interest in the demo I sent him to showcase my music. The result of our conversations was the release of "Marcel's Dreams" by the legendary Healing Sound Propagandist label (belonging to the Past Inside The Present family). By the way, for this occasion the album was mastered by the one and only meeting by chance (Marcin Cichy). Thanks to the great cooperation with zake and HSP, my solo work reached (and still does!) a completely new audience. It is a great value and a great honor.

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