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& NFTs

From March 2021 I am a creator and active member of NFT Community. It is becoming increasingly important part of my artistic activity. I am excited about this phenomenon and I believe NFTs and web 3.0 culture can be huge and groundbreaking revolution in the context of creating and distributing art.

As NFT projects I create multimedia works, sound art miniatures, pixel pictures and everything that comes to my mind. I mint my pieces on and KnownOrigin under my digital art nickname cut-up-banana



RINGTONES are my KnownOrigin genesis collection.

Creating these pieces was extreme fun because it was a combination of my fascination with miniature forms and digital aesthetics.

I have composed some jingles that can be used as regular ringtones on smartphones. Each sound work is also accompanied by a pop art GIF created by me.

The collection is expanding from time to time.


DROP micro EP

My first sound art collection was minted on Rarible. It is a micro EP album DROP, created with Mateusz Modrzejewski. This is a generative art experiment that combines the world of music and artificial intelligence. DROP consists of 6 short pieces composed by a deep convolutional generative-adversarial network. The neural network used for these miniatures generates MIDI files, leaving selection, sound design and intentional expression to the human creator.



The first #antirembrandts were minted on H=N. It was very simple concept with my photos converted to pixel pictures. The second selection of pixel self-portraits was available on 8bidou. 

The new #antirembrandts collection is minted on and it starts from no_15. I don't convert photos anymore, but I "paint" pixel by pixel. It is playing with colors and very simple forms. Usually I still think about these pieces as "self-portraits" even if they are something different.


The most important part of the NFT Movement are people. This community is not only about chatting and exchanging experiences, but also an opportunity for great fellowships.

The most exciting audiovisual works in my catalogue are collabs with the great artists: expressionist painter Adam Disbrow, collage artist Michelle Thompson and poet Ana Maria Caballero. Find them on or Foundation.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-27 o 12.39.45.png
Zrzut ekranu 2022-10-6 o 20.28.47.png
Zrzut ekranu 2022-01-6 o 01.29.27.png
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