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My name is Michał Milczarek. I am a sound artist experimenting with music and technology. I create multi-genre music with a strong focus on ambient.

In my creative process I most often use guitar soundscapes, field recordings and digital instruments.

I try to treat listening both as a hobby but also as a cognitive method. I believe that by listening carefully to our surroundings, we can gather a lot of information about the world around us and about ourselves.

I believe that broadly understood music requires a completely new approach today and placing it in the context of contemporary culture and new technologies. Only then will music still be able to ask important questions and be a vehicle for change.

I was born in 1990. So, according to the strange typology of generations, I am a millennial. I grew up in happy times of absurdity and hope. I graduated in political science from the University of Warsaw. I'm not a political scientist. Nor a politician.


I’m a sound artist, guitarist and composer living in Warsaw, Poland. Also active as digital artist or creative thinker or… I do too many things that I can't clearly explain to my parents.


For 11 years I was focused on my very important project - MM3. The group was known for its modern- and electro-jazz approach and released two long-plays — Squirrels and Butterflies (2014) and Ambient Works (2016). Squirrels won the prize for 2014 Jazz Phonographic Debut of the Year, woo hoo! The latest release of the trio is a single underwater (2020). 


In 2017 I started another band - NUDA. This avant-garde quartet released its debut album NUDA (well received by critics as one of the best Polish jazz recordings in 2020) and EP Kurz, puch i pył (2023). NUDA. plays 95% improvised music. Even I don't know what that means.


Generally speaking, in the years 2010-2020 I had a very intense concert activity, mainly with MM3. I have toured in Germany, Scotland, China, Vietnam, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. 


In 2021, I joined the Polish nu-jazz group Jazzpospolita. We refreshed the concept of this band and released the new album Obiekt (2023). Concert life begins again...




After years of presence in the jazz related industry,

I started a new chapter in my career, based on more experimental and avantgarde projects. As a solo artist I released nie.pokoje (2017), Next Station EP (2020), Future:ON [sounds inspired by Lem] (2022), Marcel's Dreams (2022) and Comfortable Noise (2023). My music works deal mainly with ambient soundscapes, guitar loops deconstruction and field recordings.


I am currently working on multimedia projects and audio-visual artworks connecting my most important inspirations: urban life, city noises, minimalism and digital aesthetics. 


In 2021 I became an NFT and web3 enthusiast. To this day I mint audio-visual and digital art works on the blockchain. More info about this part of my activity here.


Oh by the way, I received a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture’s “Culture on the Web” program (2020).


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