Future: ON
[sounds inspired by Lem]

The audio-drama album inspired by Stanislaw Lem's literature. This Polish-Chinese project was created as a collab with Mao Rui - the author of the Chinese translation of "The Cyberiad". The album consists of two longform pieces that combine electronic music, ambient, spoken word and guitar soundscapes. 

The project was supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and released by Jazz Po Polsku Foundation.

Future: ON is available on all streaming services. Only on Bandcamp you can purchase the special extended digital edition incl. 2 bonus tracks, notebook and smartphone wallpaper.

The 'Comfortable Noise' series is a collection of minimal guitar soundscapes available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. It was released as singles every few weeks at the turn of 2021 and 2022. Each part of the series consists of a different guitar loop and field recordings that I made in Berlin in August 2021.

'sewing_machine_ep' is a collab work with my friend and fantastic musician Szymon Białorucki. We decided to release mini-album with soundscapes and marching baritone. Seriously.

At the end of the day we have three tracks of music beyond genres. But I think it is good for funerals...
No guitar.
FUTURE: ON EP (2022)

Spontaneously released EP that announces a full 'Future: ON' album. This release consists of three beat music compositions that will be part of the literature/music audio-play longform. This Polish-Chinese project is inspired by Stanisław Lem's "The Cyberiad".

This EP album is a special project - the first one that fully shows my fascination with the aesthetics and sounds of the city.
All music on this album was recorded on guitar. And the field recordings used are from the London Underground.

The arrangements consist of guitar soundscapes loops and were created in one improvised take as a musical response to the field recordings.

Buy a digital release on Bandcamp to get bonus recordings and wallpapers!