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Michał Milczarek is a sound artist experimenting with music and technology. He creates multi-genre music with a strong focus on ambient. In his creative process he most often uses guitar soundscapes,

field recordings and digital instruments. He lives and creates in Warsaw, Poland.

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Michał Milczarek (1990) is a sound artist, guitarist and composer living in Warsaw, Poland. Graduate of the University of Warsaw in the field of political science.

For 11 years Milczarek was focused on his main project - MM3. The group was known for its modern- and electro-jazz approach and released two long-plays — Squirrels and Butterflies (2014) and Ambient Works (2016). Squirrels... won the prize for 2014 Jazz Phonographic Debut of the Year. The latest release of the trio is a single underwater (2020).

In 2017 Milczarek started a new band - NUDA. This avant-garde quartet released its debut album NUDA (well received by critics as one of the best Polish jazz recordings in 2020) and EP Kurz, puch i pył (2023).

In the years 2010-2020 Milczarek had a very intense concert activity, mainly with MM3. He has toured in Germany, Scotland, China, Vietnam, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland.

In 2021, he became a member of the Polish nu-jazz group Jazzpospolita. The latest result of their work is the new album OBIEKT (2023).




After a few years of presence in the jazz related industry, Michał Milczarek started a new chapter in his career, based on more experimental and avantgarde projects. As a solo artist he released nie.pokoje (2017), Next Station EP (2020), Future:ON [sounds inspired by Lem] (2022), Marcel's Dreams (2022) and Comfortable Noise (2023). Milczarek’s music works deal mainly with ambient soundscapes, guitar loops deconstruction and field recordings. 

He is currently working on multimedia projects and audio-visual artworks connecting his most important inspirations: urban life, city noises, minimalism and digital aesthetics. In 2021 he began his activity as part of the NFT movement and web3 community, publishing a variety of audio-visual and digital art works.

He received a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture’s “Culture on the Web” program (2020).

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