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Next Station EP cover art

Next Station EP

Next Station is a short story about noise and silence. It’s about people, rush and calm. It’s about time and lack of time. Next Station
is a kind of reflection about a city, which for me is one of the most inspiring spaces in the modern world. 

All music on this album was recorded on guitar. The arrangements consist of loops and were created in one improvised take as a musical response to the field recordings. Then everything was "destroyed" in Ableton Live. 

Next Station is available on all streaming services.
Only on Bandcamp you can purchase the special extended digital edition incl. two bonus tracks with the London Underground field recordings, album cover, smartphones wallpaper, computers wallpaper.

Michał Milczarek

Michał Milczarek

Marcin Cichy

Jan Gierach

Field recordings were made in the London Underground in June 2019.
notes and memories


The summer of 2019 was the time of my intensive artistic explorations. It was then that I started working with Ableton Live on a regular basis and creating composition drafts on it. And although ambient was "my thing" a long time before, the ability to create electronic textures allowed me to spread my wings. A separate topic was my fascination with field recordings. Although I've been doing them for years on many occasions, from around 2019 I started recording my surroundings more and more. I documented places, events, people, everything.


Two weeks spent in London were a great time for me - then I combined "ordinary" tourism with what

I would call "sonic tourism". Recording London was

a great experience for me. I was especially interested in the sound of the London Underground. I was able to record several long rides on different routes. To this day, I like them very much - they are the first important documentation of my love for urban aesthetics and cities as phenomena.

Those recordings ended up in my archives for almost a whole year.


The concept of EP album Next Station appeared in my head during the hard lockdown in 2020.

Not being able to tour and play rehearsals regularly, I started working very intensively on my own experimental and ambient projects. I was creating new ideas almost compulsively. Well, everyone dealt with that time in their own very individual way.

Michał Milczarek

At one point in the creative process,

I noticed that what I was most interested in was combining my guitar playing with the new possibilities that Ableton gave me. That's why I was able to find my own musical language - thanks to the combination of digital and analog aesthetics.

Guitar loops recorded on several tracks and combined with each other (often in

a random way) brought a specific relief and repetitiveness in the style of Brian Eno, which seemed to be a great creative achievement.


I prepared 4 projects - each of them consisted of several guitar tracks. The final creative process was that I was recording arrangements of previously recorded live loops - reacting with music to London recordings (which I dug up at the time from the archives). This is how 4 compositions, which are my London sound postcards, were created. The nobility and sonic space was given to them by Marcin Cichy,

who mixed and mastered them.



An important element of Next Station EP is also the visual concept and graphic design prepared by the great Jan Gierach. First of all, it is the cover art - a digital collage consisting of many photos of urban space.

It perfectly captures the nature of the music. Apart from that, excellent GIFs that Jan recorded for Spotify canvas - it's amazing how well they blend in with the music.

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