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Sewing Machine EP cover art

Sewing Machine EP

This short album is the result of cooperation between me and Szymon Białorucki. We combined the sound of ambient electronics with a marching baritone. The album contains three tracks which are actually one composition.
It's a good music for funerals I guess.

Michał Milczarek & Szymon Białorucki

Michał Milczarek

Michał Milczarek
notes and memories

I should have started with an ambient miniature that I recorded one evening playing with a digital synthesizer Serum. I was able to create some nice ambient textures on it, and I published the effect of this session as a Sewing Machine single on my Bandcamp.


Soon after, my friend Szymon Białorucki wrote me

a message on this matter. The conversation went something like this:

- Hey, great ambient. Will you send me this track?

- Yes, I can do that. Thanx, man!

- Maybe I can play my instrument with it?

- Trombone?

- Or maybe a marching baritone?

- Sure, why not?

Michał Milczarek & Szymon Białorucki

photo: piotr gruchała

That way, a few days later we had a new - much better - version of Sewing Machine that kept its title, although it changed its character significantly. Szymon's marching baritone is gorgeous and sounds amazing. I gave it some space by adding reverbers and echo. While doing a simple mix of his instrument and my soundscape, I came up with the idea that we could publish a tiny EP showing our process. Szymon thought it was a nice concept.


Therefore, we divided one composition into three layers: soundscape + baritone (Needles), only soundscape (Pins) and only baritone (Thread). I have to admit that my favorite track is the last one, where you can listen to the depth of Szymon's sound.



A few months later, Szymon came back to me with a funny thing: SoundEscape. The idea was to take the word "ambient" literally and play our electronic-acoustic improvisations in an urban space. One guy with a trombone and the other guy at the computer are playing weird textures on the street. Thought it was brilliant.

And we did it! We made our Sewing Machine and many other weird ideas twice. We gave the first concert in a quiet park and the second one in the very center of Warsaw. We plan to come out with this project more often. Well, we'll see.

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